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April 15, 2014, No comments

What happens when a public health crisis follows a major disaster? The University of Roehampton, London Online has launched an interactive simulation that encourages participants to use their skills, logic and deductive [...]


1,000 Days Left To 2015 Target Date For Achieving The Millennium Development Goals

February 19, 2014, No comments

Poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days of children’s lives can have irreversible consequences: for millions of children, as it means they are f ...


CVS Will Stop Selling Cigarettes By October

February 18, 2014, No comments

Chain pharmacies are increasingly retooling themselves as health and wellness centers. There are several reasons why, including the Affordable Care Ac ...

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A Holiday Solution for American Families Without Running Water

December 5, 2013, No comments

Los Angeles, CA (December 5, 2013) - This holiday season, human rights organization DIGDEEP is bringing clean water to over 250 American homes for ...

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    Farm Sanctuary Celebrates Turkeys on Thanksgiving
    November 13, 2013, 1 Comment

    For many Americans​,​ turkeys are at the center of​ Thanksgiving ​celebration ​s​ as the main dish, ​although ​how this tradition started is not clear. One animal rights organization d ...